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Is a refurbished industrial battery right for you?

Rebuilt forklift batteries are ideal for small to medium sized shops that use one battery per forklift and operate that forklift no more than one full shift per day. New batteries are intended for large businesses that use multiple batteries per forklift and operate those forklifts several shifts per day. If you need a new battery, give us a call, we sell those too!

If you are like most small to medium sized businesses and use your forklift less than one full shift per day to load trucks and move product, a rebuilt battery is the ideal solution to your battery needs.

Why our rebuilt forklift batteries are better…

All of our rebuilt forklift batteries are tested a full 5 hours or 90% of rated capacity. The industry standard most battery shops adhere to is a simple 4 hour test or 80% of rated capacity. Our additional testing ensures that the battery you receive from us meets a higher standard of quality and will will outperform and outlast our competitor’s battery. We only sell top-of-the-line quality batteries, no exceptions.

Why our warranty is better…

All of our rebuilt forklift batteries come standard with a one year repair / replacement warranty.* Covers parts, labor and diagnostics. That’s twelve months of coverage! If our battery fails to reach its specified rated capacity within twelve months of purchase, we’ll pay to have it repaired or we’ll replace it. It’s that simple. Coverage for one full year. Most battery shops provide only 6-12 months of partial coverage. Our warranty is the best warranty available in the industry, period. (*Conditions and Limitations Apply, freight charges are not covered in any warranty repairs. Ask your sales representative for details.)

How to order…

We will need to know your battery voltage; count the water caps on your old battery and double that number (18 water caps equals a 36 volt battery). We also need the dimensions; Top to Bottom, Front to Back, and Side to Side. Call us up with that information and we’ll quote the correct battery for your lift. If you aren’t sure of your voltage and size, or don’t have an existing battery to measure, no problem, just give us a call and we’ll find out which battery you need.

Call for a quote: (877) 208-5632

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