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Economy Forklift Batteries

What is an Economy Battery?

Our Economy Forklift Batteries are typically off-lease forklift batteries that have gone through our extensive rebuilding process, but for one reason or another, are unable to reach our rebuilt battery threshold of 5 hours of continuous use. While these batteries may not be suitable for our medium and heavy use customers, they are often a perfect fit for our light duty customers.

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Is an Economy Forklift Battery right for you?

Our Economy Forklift Batteries are ideal for small shops that operate their forklift sparingly throughout the day for no more than 3 hours of continuous use between charges. If you’re not using your forklift all day, every day, our Economy Forklift Battery option may be the ideal solution to your forklift battery needs.

How to order…

We will need to know your battery voltage, count the water caps on your old battery and double that number. 18 water caps equals a 36 volt battery. We also need the dimensions, front to back, top to bottom and side to side. Call us up with that info and we’ll get you the correct battery.

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